April 2, 2020

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There are many things  that you can read about (ptsd), however I want tell nothing about PTSD that someone told me, I will tell thing that I have experience living with it throughout the days and sleeping with at night for over forty years. I would say that I begun to sleep with enemy after many combat in Vietnam war. What I know is that post-traumatic -stress-disorder have it effect on people in many different ways.

  There one thing however I want you know that there is help out here, with my book and life experience I found some ways to help you to identify this enemy, along some of the ways it can and will effect you and your family.

   So look for me are get the book and see if you can find yourself in some of my story, better still talk to me and let see if we can get through some of your trauma together some that the person you thought that you lost can come back home to your love ones. 

   If nothing else come see me    I will be doing book signing at many of our military bases.