April 27, 2020

By Sgt. Alfonso Gamble Sr.

After writing this book some three years ago and have it publish a year and a half now, this book is shining new light, with more question about this enemy and how its growing in our society today. Remember now when I first wrote this book to help people with (PTSD), that I found where that was sleeping with this enemy from many different trauma that can into their lives from a chapter in that book that I call the (good, bad, and ugly). However, what going on in our world today that I have found from doing many motivational engagement with question and answer session, that this enemy has found it way into many home from, people losing their jobs, stay at home with their spouse, children all day after being away from each other for years, for 8 to 12 hours a day. Also from losing love one suddenly or just not being able to visit them, it time for us to take another look at this enemy to see if we are sleeping with it or have it got in our home.