January 26, 2021

Alfonso Gamble Sr.

We as a society need to look at (PTSD) with new eyes doing these time, because from my experience this enemy and I do say enemy because it can and will take many of our family member to the break of who they are. From a mental, spiritual and physical point of view from who we are today  or from who we where yesterday. Now you may not want to see it as trauma what we are going through today, however, with this pandemic and the way we are living today is change from who we where and the way our lives was just a moment ago and I do mean a moment ago. Seeing how fast everything is changing from who we thought where to where we thought we where going to be in this life. Now if that not being traumatize then you tell me what is, and I am talking about all three of the parts of this human experience in our society today. You may not want to hear it are look at it now but trust me here you will have to soon are later. So if I can help you find a peace of mind from where you are, all you have to do is reach out to me, and let me help you or a family member hell a Stanger find their way out of the darkest to the light with this enemy I come to know as (PTSD), or if you a person that still don't want the world or other know where you are at with your kind of trauma. Then pick up a copy of my book and hopefully you will find your self in it, and will help you out that place where you at in life please don't stay there alone.